Wenn du erkennst,
dass sich alle Dinge wandeln,
gib es nichts,
das du nicht erreichen kannst.

(Tao te king)

Nature Your Spirits - Hua-Ching Ni

Patrick Kelly kennt Master Ni persönlich und er hat dieses Buch bereits bei einigen Workshops gezeigt.

Text vom Buchumschlag

Master Ni, Hua-Ching is fully acknowledged an empowered as a true master of Tao. He is heir to the wisdom transmitted through an unbroken succession of 74 generations of Taoist Masters from 216 B.C. As a young boy, he was educated by his family and then studied more than 31 years in the high mountains of China becoming fully achieved in all acpects of Taoist science, metaphysics and arts. His teachings carry the essence of all ancient achievement.

Everyone celebrates the custom of Halloween with its gathering of ghosts, but few people seriously look for the truth of spirits in their lives. Spirits are different from ghosts. Spirits are the essence of our life being. A person who is developed has a multitude of tiny spirits. In the tradition of Tao, a truly achieved Taoist is able to communicate with the spirits of the Heavens, the Earth and the ancestors inside and outside a life being.

In ancient times, religion, physics and philosophy were integrated. In later times, philosophers and scientists separated the disciplines because their objective minds could not accept the truth as one whole. Religion was related to imagination. Most religions take advantage of people because they have no knowledge of spirits. In general, people cannot see spirits unless their vision is affected by certain disturbances such as illnes or drunkenness.

If you are looking for spiritual clarity, this book provides a serious truthful answer. It comes from a Taoist who has directly learned the practices of the ancient achieved ones through his own experience. If you wish to attain a deep knowledge of your own life, you can change the direction of your search inwardly and objectively. With the correct method, individuals can know the spirits and obtain truthful spiritual knowledge. Then, no leader can fool them, nor will they fool themselves because of a lack of knowledge about the spiritual realm.

This boot is about spiritual awakening. It will help open your vision to see reality as the new frontier of you own life.

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